MidstreamBusiness.com - 2017 Digital Advertising Rates and Specs

Campaign Deliverables:
We offer our digital clients a wide range of options for campaign buys, tailored to fit specific needs and goals. Clients have the ability to purchase as few as 10,000 impressions per month up to 100,000.

MidstreamBusiness.com also offers GEO targeted campaigns. Targeting at a country level and as granular as city. Hart Energy and MidstreamBusiness.com will work with you to build your ideal campaign in 2017.

Midstream Business magazine, website and weekly Midstream Monitor e-newsletter are consulted by professionals seeking insight into ways to achieve objectives more efficiently, safely and profitably.

Roadblock/Interstitial (615 x 400)

Roadblock/Interstitial: Highest click through rate (CTR) of any banner placement offered. Averages 1% and higher based on call to action/message.

Half Share Voice: $5,500net per month/Delivers 40,000-45,000 impressions per month.
Exclusive Sponsor: $8,500net per month/Delivers 80,000-90,000 impressions per month.

Dimensions: 615x400 (wxh)
Max File Size: 100k
File Types: GIF or static JPEG
Max Time: 0:10

During scheduling, we will add the close button and grey layer that temporarily covers content.

Responsive Leaderboard (1170 x 90)
Responsive Leaderboard

Responsive Leaderboard: Designed for high visibilty on both desktop and mobile devices. Ad unit is responsive to size of browser. Greater canvas size than other leaderboard placements resulting in great exposure and strong CTR.

Half Share Voice: $2, 500net per month/Delivers 12,000 impressions per month.
Full Share Voice: $5,000net per month/Delivers 24,000 impressions per month.

Dimensions: 1170x90 (wxh)
Max File Size: 75kb
File type: HTML, GIF or static JPEG If providing creative as an HTML file, please be advised of the following:


  • 1170px laptop / desktop
  • 992px iPad horizontal/sm desktop
  • 768px iPad vertical
  • 640px iPhone 6 optional
Packets we accept should adhere to this general structure and avoid any files not listed below:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Images

Medium Rectangle Ad (300 x 250)
Medium Rectangle

Medium Rectangle Ad: Designed for branding and budgets. With a clear call to action, offers above industry average CTR.

Half Share Voice: $5,000net per month/Delivers 12,000 impressions per month.
Full Share Voice: $4,600net per month/Delivers 24,000 impressions per month.

Dimensions: 300x250 (wxh)
Max File Size: 50kb
File Types: GIF, JPEG and HTML
Max Loops: 3
Max Animation Time: 0:15

Lateral Expander (300 x 250)

Lateral Expander

Lateral Expander: Offers a rich media experience and positioned within homepage content. Ideal for in-banner video and more. (open position)

Exclusive Share of voice only: $4,300net per month/delivers 24,0000 impressions.

Dimensions (collapsed): 300x250
Dimensions (expanded): 600x250
Expand Direction: Right
Initial/Expanding Memory: 70k
Expansion Mehtod: Upon Click
Close Location: Top, Right
Duration: 0:15 unless user initiated video then longer is allowed
Looping: Not allowed

Floating Footer (1170x60; 1170x325 expanded)

Floating Footer

Floating Footer: Ideal for marketers wanting top performance out of their creative while leveraging a large rich media enabled canvas.

Exclusive Share of voice only: $9,000 per month/delivers 24,000 impressions.

Dimensions: 1170x325 expanded 1170x60 open and close
Max File Size: 70KB for expanded image, 30KB each for open and close File Types: static GIF or JPEG
Expansion Mehtod: Upon Click

We will add the coding for the functionality when scheduling the ad in our ad serving system.

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