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The Unconventional Oil and Gas Center ( provides exclusive and aggregated news, data and discussion on unconventional resources around the world. Position your brand alongside exploration highlights, well data, Texas drilling permits, company assets and rig counts.
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Dimensions: 1170x90 (wxh)
Max File Size: 75kb
File type: HTML, GIF or static JPEG If providing creative as an HTML file, please be advised of the following: Breakpoints:

  • 1170px laptop / desktop
  • 992px iPad horizontal/sm desktop
  • 768px iPad vertical
  • 640px iPhone 6 optional
Packets we accept should adhere to this general structure and avoid any files not listed below:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Images

Medium Rectangle Ad (300 x 250)
Medium Rectangle

Dimensions: 300x250 (wxh)
Max File Size: 50kb
File Types: GIF, JPEG and HTML
Max Loops: 3
Max Animation Time: 0:15

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